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church of workout
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I went to church today.  Services were held at the Gold's Gym on Grand Avenue in Oakland.  I've been attending every Sunday at 9am for the past seven years.  Excepting (some) speaking in tongues, there was healing, spiritual uplift and much sweat.  All in all a typical pentecostal service.

Some choose to worship in church, I prefer the gym, or outdoors when it's warmer.  A run around Lake Merritt or intervals at Kezar Stadium are, without fail, a good way to cure whatever ails me emotionally.

If you believe in things that cannot be proven (yet) by science then taking care of your body seems to make perfect sense.  And in taking care of your body, your spirit is refreshed and emotions are balanced.  This is old-time religion for me.  Hard physical labor and pushing one's self mentally.

I respect everyone's right to worship as they choose  as long as they don't try to impose their belief on me, especially through law by way of  politics.  When it comes to that kind of proselytizing, I think it's not only dishonest, I believe it's actively harmful.

Look to your own spiritual house before you have the arrogance to try to tell others what to do under the guise of helping.  Religious hypocrites deserve a special zone in their vision of hell.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to work out, play hard and sweat.  Amen.

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